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Medicaid Appeals and Litigation

Why You Need a Medicaid Lawyer

Applying for Medicaid without legal counsel can often be disastrous. Numerous applications are wrongfully denied, leaving families with staggering nursing home costs. Clients have many legal rights they are unaware exist. If you have applied for Medicaid Benefits and have been denied, Senior Legal can help. Navigating Medicaid is an overwhelming, time-consuming, and complicated process. Senior-Legal has successfully represented numerous Clients on appeal in having an eligibility denial overturned.

  • If you have been denied Medicaid Benefits, contact us. You must act quickly to appeal a denied Medicaid application. We have expertise in obtaining reversals from wrongful denials– often reducing or eliminating nursing home costs all together.
  • If you haven’t applied, contact us. Our extensive expertise with successfully helping people receive Medicaid Benefits and restructuring family assets have helped countless families through this process.
  • Do you have an Elder Law attorney on board already? Many are not litigators or have little litigation experience. Senior-Legal is available to provide co-counsel and lend our litigation expertise to your Elder Law Attorney.