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Today’s Solutions for Protecting Tomorrow

Senior-Legal helps families protect their assets from the devastating costs of long-term care.

We help you through some of life’s most difficult transitions.

The idea of paying for a nursing home can be daunting for the 70% of Americans age 65 and older who will need long-term care in their lifetimes. In 2017, the average yearly cost of a private room in a Central Maryland nursing home was around $120,000.  The majority of Americans mistakenly presume that government benefits will pay their nursing home expenses automatically.  In reality, if someone faced with long-term care costs has valuable assets such as a home, life insurance policy, bank account, or retirement plan, they need to deal with those assets before they can qualify for Medicaid eligibility Benefits. At Senior-Legal, we specialize in protecting your assets to ensure you and your loved ones have full access to medical assistance benefits when transitioning to long-term care. Founding partner Natalie Drinkard brings nearly two decades of experience working with nursing homes and their patients. She values compassion and advocacy when building trust with her clients. Her personal touch, coupled with deep career experience, enables her to assist clients with:

Natalie supports families affected by declining health or crisis in navigating nursing home care costs, using Medicaid eligibility Benefits for assistance. She brings her first-hand experience working with the nursing home community to assist individuals burdened with paying long-term care costs out of pocket. Natalie is driven by the rewarding experience of helping families find financial relief with public benefits eligibility, while ensuring loved ones receive the care they need.

Long-Term Crisis Planning

Preserve your assets when an unforeseen event jeopardizes your ability to care for yourself or your loved ones.

Enhanced Estate Planning

Maximize your ability to protect your lifetime savings and home by creating or updating an estate plan.

Medicaid Appeals and Litigation

Applying for Medicaid eligibility without legal counsel can be disastrous. Numerous applications are wrongfully denied, leaving families with staggering costs.

Understanding the difference between Medicare and Medicaid can be confusing.

Get the facts by downloading our free guide to paying for long-term care coverage.

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Automatic Medicaid Renewals Set to Expire

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Protecting seniors and their loved ones through Medicaid eligibility planning

At Senior-Legal, we help families plan for their loved ones during times of crisis. We help you navigate questions like:

  • How will I preserve my life savings while facing the high costs of long-term care?
  • Will I qualify for Medicaid eligibility to help pay for a nursing home?
  • I’m already in a nursing home; is it too late to protect my assets?
  • Will my spouse go broke taking care of me in the nursing home?
  • How can I make sure medical and financial decisions made on my behalf are done by the people I choose?
  • How can I protect the future of my loved one with special needs when I can no longer take care of them?
  • What happens when an estate is settled?
  • How can I make sure my estate will pass on to the people I choose?
  • How can I protect my heirs from financial penalty?

We’re ready to help you learn more about protecting your estate and the future of your loved ones. Our educational resources on this website are just the beginning. We’re always available to help you take the next step in this important process. Just give us a call, and we’ll set up a free consultation: 410-284-4925.

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    “When we were suddenly thrust into becoming full-time caregivers for my disabled father-in-law, we realized that his most recent wife (who had just died) had given more than $400k of his money to her children and left him with mere pennies in the bank account. We are forever grateful that we found Natalie. She listened to all of the details, gathered the appropriate information, and prepared us for the fight ahead. As a result of all of Natalie’s efforts and diligence, we were able to recover more than we expected. This allowed my father-in-law to receive the care he needed for another eleven years — and live a productive and satisfying life. Natalie passionately fought for restitution for my father-in-law as if he was her own.” — Kristin & Thomas C., Mt. Airy, MD
“It was an incredibly difficult time in our lives…Natalie was miraculous in every way. First, she helped us remove our emotions from the situation and re-focused us on the issues that could be legally addressed. Second, she is smart…VERY smart. She took the time to get to know us…fully explained the legal process to us, and she coached us on what to expect and how we would be most effective, making sure we would be as comfortable as possible in a horrible situation. We are extremely grateful.” — Karen & Millard M., Lutherville, MD
“Despite our parents’ careful saving and planning, my siblings and I quickly realized that their lifelong savings was being depleted at a rapid rate. Skilled nursing costs at a retirement community are exorbitantly high, with their costs over $10,000 per month for each of them to live there. We knew we needed to find a solution. Natalie quickly realized the situation. She recommended to us that there were things we could do right away to protect their hard-earned savings. Everyone should seek legal counsel if they are in need of long-term care planning and protecting their assets. This is something we would NOT have been able to do on our own. Spending a small amount today to protect the larger portion of their assets for tomorrow was invaluable. Natalie is always looking for solutions to help others, and anyone seeking her legal expertise will ultimately benefit!” — Carol K., Ellicott City, MD

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