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Special Needs Planning

Families with special needs loved ones need a solid, legal plan to care for their disabled loved one.  These families need to act earlier, rather than later, to avoid the uncertainties of how a disabled loved one will be cared for in the future.  Unlike other family members who can provide for themselves, those with special needs will likely never be able to do so.  Appropriate planning will take these needs into consideration.

Oftentimes, special needs planning intersects with estate planning and public benefits planning.  While families want to provide for their disabled loved ones, they must be careful that their generosity does not cause a loss of public benefits.  Senior-Legal can help you devise a plan to protect your disabled loved one’s future, so when you’re not there to watch over them, they have the financial support of the government that can be supplemented by your generous gift.

To plan for your special needs loved one, Senior-Legal will quickly and thoroughly:

  • Review your estate planning or long-term care crisis planning needs;
  • Review your disabled loved one’s needs;
  • Work with you to identify how you can provide for yourself and all of your loved ones, with special consideration for your disabled family member;
  • Help you identify the appropriate persons to guard over your gift to your disabled loved one;
  • Help you identify the appropriate management goals for your gift to your disabled loved one; and
  • Prepare a Special Needs Trust that fits your family’s needs.